"Put Your Faith On!"

About us!

Hello, this is David and I am the owner of this store and am SO glad you stopped by. 
If I can ever be of assistance hit the chat box or shoot me an email @ Here2help@zagloon.com and I will answer you personally!  You can also call me at 678-365-7308 but please leave a message if I can't answer!
My company is Zagloon, LLC and our headquarters are just outside Atlanta, Ga., USA.  and we have a mission! How many of the people who live around us are LOST and HURTING?!!  Zagloon Supports my ministry "Be Set Free"  where we help Addicts, Alcoholics and their families find Freedom from that demonic hell.  You can learn more about it by clicking the blue link above.
Another reason for the store is that I don't know about where you live, but around here (the North-side of Atlanta) all of the Christian Stores have CLOSED!  I can not believe there are so few people seeking and/or following Jesus that ALL THE STORES HAD to CLOSE!
I heard a statistic in my church, about church attendance in my county (Cherokee County Ga.).  Our Pastor said less than 25% of the people in our county attend church "regularly."  I googled it and I have to say he was probably on target.
Less than 20 percent of Americans regularly attend church—half of what the pollsters report.
 (7 Startling Facts: An Up Close Look at Church Attendance in America) By  Kelly Shattuck - 
So.... How many of the people who live around us are LOST and HURTING & need Jesus?  Tons... right?  
It is way past time for us to stand up and share our Faith and HOPE to others around us. A shirt, or necklace, or even a coffee mug with anything about Jesus on it opens the door for a question... YOU could be the one helping others and even saving souls by just doing something so simple.  

I was inspired by a guy at church who never wears anything except Christian Shirts.  I thought it was so cool that I started collecting them.  There is hardly a day that goes by where someone has not either commented on my shirt, asked where I go to church, or even asked if I REALLY believe what is on my shirt!
So, for the reasons mentioned above and a few more, I decided to start Zagloon Christian Gifts & Apparel.  If everyone who took the time to read this was out sharing their faith on a daily basis, I know we could make a HUGE impact in our communities and get that attending church number up!  Not to mention passing along some hope the the hopeless!
We thank you for visiting and thank you more for purchasing.  A portion of the proceeds from this store go to Be Set Free.  It is a mission to reach addicts and alcoholics to share hope of healing with them.   In case you didn't know... Jesus has already saved them from their addictions... they just don't know it!
With Love & Thanks,
David Evans  Zagloon Christian Shop
Zagloon LLC
Woodstock * Ga. * 30101